Drop in (1 practice) 15 lv
5 practices (valid 1 month) 65 lv
8 practices (valid 1 month) 96 lv
12 practices (valid 1 month) 120 lv
Unlimited access for 1 month 150 lv
Private yoga class 60 lv
Yumeiho therapy 75 lv
Yumeiho therapy for Ashtanga practicioners 50 lv

Multisport cards are valid for the classes in the studio at no extra charge.

Tristana Yoga Cards are valid for 1 month from the date of issue.

If, for extraordinary reasons, you are unable to spend your visits on time, please notify us so that we can extend the card.

Multisport Kids cards are valid for teenagers over 12+ for the Ashtanga classes.

Pre-registration is required for all practices. You can do it with a message to us or by phone 0899424747.