Zornitsa Zaykova

Founder, Ashtanga yoga

Zornitsa’s first encounter with yoga was in early childhood, when she was taken to the practice of Vencislav Evtimov at the National Academy of Sports. She returned to the class on her own again when she was 11. Ever since then, yoga has become a way of life for her and an integral part of her growing up. For years she practiced and taught the Shivananda yoga system, until in 2011. accidentally came across a video about Ashtanga yoga and devoted herself to the method.

In 2017, together with Alexander Todorov, she founded Tristana Ashtanga Yoga Sofia. She seeks to create a community where Ashtanga yoga is taught and learned in the traditional way. For 7 years now, she has been running a daily Mysore program, conducting guided practices, workshops and seminars. Organizes yoga retreats and seminars.

Over the years, she had the opportunity to practice with outstanding international teachers and found her teacher in the person of David Robson. She has gone through various trainings, seminars and master classes with David Robson, Jelena Vesic, Adam Keen, Kino McGregor, Christopher Cohn, Michael Scabort, Nick Evans, Manju Joyce and others.

In 2019, Zornitsa went through an intensive teacher’s course in Zagreb with David Robson and Jelena Vesic.

From 2022, she began to practice under the guidance of Marque Garaux (auth. Level 2).

Zornica has interests in women’s health, pregnancy yoga and postpartum recovery. Takes part in various seminars and courses – with Jelena Vesic “Women and bandha”, Harmony Slater and others. Completed training on the “Happy bones” system for physical practices to combat osteoporosis.

She is a preschool teacher by profession and works actively with children. Leads yoga classes for children as well as language training.

She completed the instructor’s course “I play and work with children and youth” in the village of Gudevitsa at NC Future now, including modern pedagogical theories and practices, informal methods of learning and personal development. She deals with the organization and implementation of children’s adventure and educational programs.

Lyudmila Kirilova

Ashtanga yoga

Lucy has been practicing Ashtanga yoga for 9 years. She started with Irina Bachvarova and during the first years she refused to accept the rules and discipline of Ashtanga, she practiced selectively and had a thousand questions about why she has to do things one way or another. She rebelled against the method, the rules, the teachers. However, she always returns to Ashtanga, keeps learning the method and communicates with many Ashtanga like-minded people.

She made the decision to devote herself to a regular practice of the method while going through a difficult moment in her life. During this period, there was no access to either a teacher or an Ashtanga Yoga Society to rely on for support. To this day, she considers it the best thing she ever did for herself.

“I started my regular practice from scratch, gradually adding asanas and building my practice, already having a solid foundation and deep theoretical knowledge from before. All the questions disappeared by themselves in the process of practice, realizing the wisdom behind the rules and all the directions that I did not understand before. My practice is the outward expression of my love and respect for myself. The physical benefits of the practice have always been a secondary product for me, but they have improved my quality of life many times over. “

Lucy has studied and practiced with Masha Nedeva, Sasha Smirkin, Chris Cohn, David Robson, Zornitsa Zaikova, Kiril Yordanov.



Mihaela Vasileva

Ashtanga yoga

Michaela’s yoga journey began as a personal practice 8 years ago that helped her cultivate awareness and health, becoming a huge source of inner peace for her. In the beginning, she wandered around and tried different styles, studios and teachers, looking for exactly “hers”. After discovering Vinyasa Flow as a style, she kept her focus there for a while. Inspired by the positive effect of yoga on her life, she decided to deepen her knowledge and to become certified so that he can share the transformative power of the practice with others.

Researching the matter, she found that Ashtanga was the real challenge, which she had faced before, but did not particularly like – it seemed too strict, with too many rules and conditions. But this time, seriously entering the practice, she begins to understand and feel the logic in the series, which really ignites her and makes her devote herself completely, starting the difficult path to herself.


Misha has a deep love for astrology, psychology, art and design; however, the most meaningful thing for her has always been the opportunity to help others. Through yoga, he strives to make his innermost dream come true.