How to start

If you decide to join our practice for the first time (even if you have practiced Ashtanga yoga or another style of yoga before), we will be happy to welcome you in one of our mysore classes!

“Mysore” does not come from “master”, as we are often asked, and you do not need to know the sequence of poses. 🙂

In the mysore sessions are  practicing together absolute beginners and advanced students, working individually with a teacher and developing personal practice.

At your first visit, it is important to discuss with your teacher your health and to warn in case of injuries, pain, and for women – pregnancy, menstrual cycle, to comply with this practice.

You need comfortable clothes and a towel. We practice barefoot.

If you do not have a personal mat, there are available in the studio and you can use the purple ones. After the practice, please clean the mat  with a towel and spray, which you will find in a basket.

A dressing room and a bathroom are available in the shala.

Typically, your first practice will take less than an hour.

Ashtanga Yoga is a challenging Yoga method. Hence, in order to establish a safe and solid Yoga practice, it is essential to practise a few times per week, starting with 2 to 3 times if you’re new to Yoga. Doing a little bit more often is better than one long session only once a week. It is important to build your practice over a longer period of time and slowly add on postures as you progress.