Yumeiho therapy

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YUMEIHO is a comprehensive prophylactic-curative therapy for restoring the body’s vital forces by harmonizing man with nature and its natural laws. Understanding in YUMEIHO is based on correcting the pelvis, spine and all joints.

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Monday to Friday your session start time can be between 18:00 and 19:30 and on Saturday and Sunday between 10:00 and 18:00.

The duration of 1 session is individual (between 45 min and 1 hour).


Standard price: BGN 75.

Important! There is a discount for those practicing in the shala.

For practitioners: BGN 50.

Package of 4 procedures within 2 months: BGN 200.

The human body is a single system of levers – joints and ligaments. Displacement of any one joint is sure to cause displacement of all the others in one way or another to varying degrees.

The central support is the spine, and the point of intersection with the pelvis is the center of gravity. The pelvis is the foundation of our body. When it gives way, that is, there is some displacement, then the entire bone system reacts with pain in the joints, muscle spasms, stiffness, pinching of the nerves. The whole organism reacts. Blood circulation, lymph flow, tissue nutrition are disturbed. The harmony in the whole body is disturbed. Hence the work of the internal organs.

YUMEIHO therapy is like a virtuoso conductor directing a huge orchestra, making it sound harmonious and coherent through the methodical application of a set of manual techniques restoring the functional balance of the human organism.

The therapy applies the wisdom of the East, cultivated for millennia. Its founder is Masaiuki Saionji, who devotes himself to the study of healing approaches and practices, especially Chinese and Japanese ones, such as Zheng Ti Fa – techniques and rehabilitation applied in Buddhist monasteries in China, Shiatsu, etc., systematizing them in his system , called lumbar straightening pressure-rub therapy. Although the therapy is conceived as a preventive measure, it is required as a curative-therapeutic method. YUMEIHO affects and treats many disease states, such as: spinal distortions, discopathy, sciatic pain, neuralgia, headache, migraine, sexual weakness, infertility, overweight, hypertension, mental and nervous disorders, lethargy, frequent fatigue, irritability, etc.

The method relieves tension and restores muscle elasticity, activates energy centers and channels, as well as biologically active points throughout the body. Through them, biodynamic correction of the entire musculoskeletal system is induced, vascular tone is normalized, neurological disorders and pain are removed, metabolism is normalized, and self-healing of the body is initiated.